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Who we are

Montana Services has now become part of Kittatinny Design Services.
Our business started in 1996 when the Internet was new and fresh. Many small businesses were interested but not sure what the Internet could do for their business. As President and Owner of Montana Services, I set out to show the business owners we were working with exactly what the Internet could bring to them and the continuing growth of their business.

By setting realistic expectations, we successfully brought our clients to the web quickly and without a lot of unnecessary expense. When the Internet bubble burst, our business survived because of the success of our clients and their confidence in the growth path we had provided for them. It was this trust in our relationships that we value most.

In 2006 Kittatinny Design Services was formed to support the growth of our company and the services we provide. Now we want to help you. Use the left side navigation to be taken to the information section of your choice. You will be directed to the proper are of our related web sites.

Need an independent evaluation of your existing site? Click on the "Internet Consulting" link.
Already have a web site? We can help you get found on the major web search engines. Click on the "Search Engine Optimization" link.
Already a client? Click on the "Client Access" link.
Need Computer or Network Support and Training. Follow the "Computer Support & Training" link.

Need your Lionel Trains Repaired? Contact us for more information.

All of us at Montana Services and Kittatinny Design Services are looking forward to working with you!

A Few Words About Our Web Site

We are continuing to work on the new Kittatinny Design Services web site. Our new server is up and running. We realize a lot of our links are yet to be complete, but our customers (and their work) always comes first.

Stop Back for more information as the site matures.

The "Lionel Trains Repairs & Info" Link on the left is on again. These articles were written in the late 90's and were published in the LOTS train collectors club publication "The Switcher." please enjoy them again.

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